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Real Tools and Maker Programs

Maker SPaces and Programs

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum sparks curiosity and creativity in all children. As a unique resource for the greater Peoria area, we foster next-generation problem solvers who will fundamentally change our community and our world.

Maker Programs

Through PlayHouse Maker Programs, kids and families have the opportunity to experiment with different types of making and think creatively in PlayHouse Maker Workshops.

PlayHouse Maker Programs are:

  • Open-ended and process-based. We do not tell children what to make; figuring out what to make is part of the learning process. We are teaching children to identify problems as well as solve them.
  • Tool-based. We teach children how to use tools safely, and how to select the best tool for the job. This helps children learn that there are a wide range of tools available, and how to use tools to their full advantage.
  • Rooted in Exploration. Making is a way to identify and address changes children want to see in a designed world. This type of making prepares children to become transformers in their community as adults.

These programs take place at our satellite Makerspace in the Noble Center in Lakeview Park. These workshops occur monthly, and advance registration is required!


We absolutely loved the sculpture lab! Amelia was completely engaged the entire time. I was too! There was a pretty wide variety of ages; it was amazing to me that the teacher picked activities that each kid could do at their own level. Amelia wants to go to all of the Maker Workshops now!

–Johanna C.

Real Tools

The Real Tools Space is a workshop for open-ended creation. This space is designed for creators and explorers!  

Tinker, draw, sculpt, or engineer something new. Upon entering Real Tools, you are invited to explore the bins and tables for materials and art supplies. You may find soft textiles, bendy wire, and a large variety of objects that promote reuse and sustainability in creative ways. In this space children have created everything from a life-sized flamingo to musical instruments to doll furniture.

At our practice station and workbenches, children have the opportunity to learn how to use wood and hand tools, with a PlayHouse staff member. Tools may include screwdrivers, drills, hammers, and sometimes even saws!

Grown-up supervision is required in the Real Tools space, and protective gear must be worn at all times.

We can't wait to see what you make!

Real Tools
girl with name
boy with plane real tools
Real Tools (Option 3)