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Before your field trip:

Information for Parents

PlayHouse Adventure: Letter to Parents

PlayHouse Field Guide: Letter to Parents

PlayHouse Spotlight: Letter to Parents

PlayHouse Explore-Challenge-Become: Letter to Parents

Information for Chaperones

PlayHouse Adventure: Letter to Chaperones

PlayHouse Letter to Chaperones – for Field Guide, Spotlight, and Explore/Challenge Become trips


Learn more about our resources for educators, accessibility for children with special needs, as well as field trip guidelines and learning standard connections by downloading our Educator’s Guide.

During your field trip


Curiosity Expert (teacher / chaperone tool)

Imagination Expert (teacher / chaperone tool)

Experimentation Expert (teacher / chaperone tool)


After your field trip


Post-Visit Lesson: Letter to Parent from Kids

For in the classroom


PlayHouse Packs 

PlayHouse Packs are kits filled with interactive objects, lesson suggestions, and challenges selected to promote independent explorations, play, and create the PlayHouse environment in your own classroom!

Great for K – 3rd grades!

Available PlayHouse Packs

  • Science Pack: Learn about the human heart, animal and human anatomy, and build contraptions with your engineering creativity.
  • Farm/Agriculture Pack: Explore rural and urban farming, the chicken life cycle, and about the plants that feed us.
  • River/Water Pack: Examine the water cycle, frog life cycle, river habitats, and the science of buoyancy.
  • Electricity Pack: Explore hands-on activities to better understand electricity, making circuits, and conductive materials.

How to Get a PlayHouse Pack:

  • Contact the PlayHouse Education Manager at least two weeks before you would like a PlayHouse Pack in your classroom.
  • Pick up the boxed kit from the Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum and make a $10 refundable deposit.
  • Keep the PlayHouse Pack for up to two weeks!

For more information (including pack inventory lists) and to make a reservation contact Courtney Baxter, Education Manager at: cbaxter@peoriaparks.org or call 309-323-6896


Recommended Books: Art Education


Coming in 2020: PlayHouse @ Your School: Makey Makey Electric Invention

Professional Development

The PlayHouse Teacher Team is a group of up to 15 educators, who come together regularly throughout the school year to contribute to and transform the PlayHouse and also explore hand’s on activities for their classrooms. They meet after school, six times over the course of the school year.

Between October 2019 and April 2020, the PlayHouse Teacher Team will address questions about makerspaces (learn more them here) for early childhood and elementary school students. Workshops will be held on the second to last Wednesdays of the month from 4-6 pm.

 Participating teachers will receive:

  • A free PlayHouse field trip for their students during the school year
  • Professional development hours (through the Regional Office of Education)
  • Snacks and our undying gratitude!

 Participating teachers must:

  • Commit to attending all 6 sessions.
  • Be a current teacher of students between the ages of 3 and 10.

2019-20 Teacher Team application available here. Deadline is Wednesday, October 2, 2019 for applications. Teachers will then be notified before or by October 4, 2019. This year’s topic is about creating and maintaining makerspaces in the school setting.

Email List

Stay updated about what’s going on at the PlayHouse! To be added to our teacher e-mail list, email playhouse@peoriaparks.org.

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum