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Make things at home!

While we are all struggling with COVID-19 and its profound impact on our lives, we recognize that one area in which the PlayHouse can support our community is through offering educational and creative activities to do at home with kids. With this in mind, in March 2020 the PlayHouse offered museum members a limited number of "take out" Real Tools activities to do at home with kids. But even if you did not get one of these kits, you can use the instructions and materials list below to get making.

Happy making and learning!

Toy Toss

trex toss

Can you take these items and invent a device to launch a miniature unicorn or dragon into the air? The farther it goes the better!

Use as many of the items as you would like in this bag to engineer a device that will sling, fling, or shoot your toy into the air.

Materials: 1 jumbo craft stick, 1 coffee lid, 1 bottle cap, 2 coffee straws, 1 mini skewer, 2 rubber bands, 1 plastic dragon or unicorn (or any other mini plastic toy)

Shape Sculpture


Sculptures are 3-dimensional artworks that can be silly, sleek, or sassy. How can you use shapes to make something spectacular?

Use all or some the items in this bag to create a sculpture that has at least two different shapes. You may need to use tape, glue or scissors. Try bending items or cutting slits in them so they fit together. Add decorations or color to make your sculpture more interesting, if you’d like.


Materials: 2 foam pieces, 2 pipe cleaners, 1 cardboard roll, 2 clothespins, 4 craft sticks. OR Any other recycled materials you would like!

Marble Maze


Be your own toy makers and create a challenging marble maze for you or your family to play with again and again.

Printable Marble Maze Instructions

Inspiration (but remember - make your own unique design!):

Materials: 4 straws or 8 halves, 1 marble, 10 craft sticks, 1 shoebox lid

Create a circuit


Make your own electrical circuit on paper! Learn the basics of a circuit and see if you can get two lights to come on.

Printable Circuitry Instructions

Learn more here:

The Power of Circuits: Sci Show Kids video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOFp8bHTN30

Materials : 3 pieces of copper tape, 1 coin battery, 1 piece of construction paper, 2 LED lights

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