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Orthodox Pascha

Celebrate Peoria: Eastern Orthodox Pascha (Easter)



Join us Sunday, April 23, 2017 as we celebrate Peoria's Orthodox Christian communities and learn about the Pascha holiday.

This Celebrate Peoria is in collaboration with All Saints Greek Orthodox Church (Peoria) and the National Hellenic Museum (Chicago)

Activities for children include:

  • Decorate your own Pascha candle which in the Greek is called a “lambatha”
  • Try some traditional Greek and other ethnic treats including cookies, baklava, and tsoureki.
  • Learn about Pascha traditions at story time.
  • Decorate plastic eggs in different traditional Eastern Orthodox styles.
  • Spend time with Father Ciprian of All Saints Greek Orthodox Church during a brief presentation about Eastern Orthodox icons and then try decorating one!

Note: The museum is open from 12 – 5pm but Celebrate Peoria activities will not begin until 2 pm.

Pascha, commonly called “Easter” or “Resurrection Sunday” in some English speaking countries, is the most important Christian holiday of the year. Pascha happens after 40 days of Lent when Christians fast, increase their charitable acts, and focus on spiritual matters. The holiday celebrates the sacrifice and return from the dead (resurrection) of Jesus who is considered central to Christianity and a divine savior. The date of Pascha moves ever year; in the Eastern Orthodox Church this year it is April 16th.

*Fun fact: Did you know that there are Greek, Lebanese, Romanian, Syrian, and Russian people who attend Eastern Orthodox church here in Peoria?

*Fun Fact: The word Greek word “Pascha” comes from the Hebrew word “Pesach” which is Passover, a Jewish holiday.

*Fun fact: In Greece, traditionally eggs are dyed only red (the color of Jesus’ blood) and you can play a game with them called “tsougrisma”.  In Ukraine, the eggs are colorfully decorated with symbols and are called “pysanky”. Eggs during Pascha represent rebirth.


This is a traditional Paschal basket (or Easter basket) with bread, eggs, butter, ham and more. Pascha is celebrated after many Christians give up their favorite foods for a short time.

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Celebrate Peoria is a series dedicated to discovering and celebrating the diversity of Peoria and Central Illinois. This program has been made possible by a grant from the Louis and Selma Neumiller Fund of the Community Foundation of Central Illinois.


The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum