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New Exhibit: Fossils Rock


Explore the Prehistoric World!

The Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum is proud to announce its first NEW permanent exhibit, Fossils Rock! Fossils Rock will transform our existing Sand Porch into a natural history space featuring fossils, minerals, and a life-size replica of a Tyrannosaurus Rex skull. Visitors will travel through time and embark on a prehistoric expedition! Children will learn and practice the habits of mind critical to scientists: sorting and classifying, careful observation, and critical comparison.


Become a paleontologist, paleoartist, or a collections manager through digging, sorting, and drawing activities. Explore the three prehistoric eras and create your own prehistoric scenes. View and touch fossils from millions of years ago!




Thank you to all of the PlayHouse supporters who made this exhibit possible:


Polly Barton

Communication Junction’s 10th Birthday

The Frances R. Dewing Foundation


Growing Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

Mike and Cheryl Quine

John Salch

Ruby K. Worner Charitable Trust


McDonald’s of Peoria and Bartonville



Beth and Andrew Bussan

Drs. Terry and Michelle Ho

Junior League of Peoria

Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino


Brandon and Valerie Bleess

Wendy A. Clary

Annette and John Heller

Matt and Monica Hendrickson

Sarah and Geoff Kammerer

Arun and Ramesh Karumanchi

Eileen and Doug Leunig

Pete Magsig & Erin Genovese

Brian Paetow in honor of Mary Kate Paetow-Fanning

Robin Robins


Jamie and Josh Smith

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph Valezquez


Bill and Pam Albers

Johanna Christiansen & Amelia Brown

Abbey and Andy Cook

Angie Garren & Jerry Gray

Bob, Lisa, and Alex Gates

Drew Velde Gay

Harry Gunn & David Slagle

Homer and Barbara Gurtler

Evan and Jenna Hague

Janet and Ethan Ham

Cindy and Bud Holloway

Anthony and Amy Jones

Barb & Jim Kane in honor of Ambrose and Logan Kissel

Terry Knueppel

Donna and Bob Lindsay

Dr. & Mrs. Rick Miller

James D. Newell

Bonnie and Kent Noble

Erin and Nick Reinhart

Diane Rock

Kevin and Sherri Schneider

Eileen and Chris Setti

Karen and Scott Sorrel

Brooke Spellman & Partick Urich

Janā and Jeff Stevens

Michele and Charles Stewart

Doug and Vicky Stewart

Allison and Nathan Tonnies

Matthew and Alison Unkovich

Rebecca and Kevin Vannatta

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The McBee Orzulaks

The Gleissner Family


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The Cleveland Family

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Abby and Brendan Egan

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The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

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