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Home School Programs

The PlayHouse offers two home school programs including Agriculture in the Classroom, in collaboration with the Peoria County Farm Bureau, and STEAM, where students explore of variety of topics related to science, mathematics, and art. Home school programs include hands-on activities.

Registration is required at least three days prior to the home school program. Register in person at Peoria PlayHouse Children’s Museum, calling the Education Manager at (309) 323-6896 or print the form and send via email to cbaxter@peoriaparks or fax to 309-323-6901.

  • $5 per child (does not include museum admission)
  • 5 student minimum/15 student maximum
  • Drop-off program

STEAM Home School
6-12 years old

September 7th: Weather Wonders
Learn about meteorology with indoor and outdoor experiments.

October 12th: Sugar Science
Children will try their hand at food science by exploring the chemistry of candy.

November 9th: Genes & Me
Learn about genetics and how each of us is unique.  Kids will explore our inherited traits from our families.

December 14th: Art of Illusion
Have your eyes ever fooled you? How does animation work? Learn about the interesting connections between optics and neuroscience.


Agriculture in the Classroom Home School
8-12 years old (preferred age)

September 28th: Pizza
Lots of people love pizza but where do those ingredients come from? Explore the journey from farm to pizza.

October 26th: Farm Equipment and Technology
Farming is high-tech these days. Farmers use computerized tractors, drones, and more.

November 30th: Pumpkins
Did you know that a pumpkin is a fruit? Learn about the life cycle of pumpkin plants and this versatile plant.

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum