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Be Anything! 2022

Be Anything! 2022

Explore. Expand. Experience.


Be Anything! is an innovative program that propels "Take Your Child to Work Day" to a new level. Help a child in your life explore the careers that excite them. Do they want to be an architect, veterinarian, fireman, meteorologist? Are they unsure, but excited to try new experiences?

All children can be anything; they need only the tools and opportunity to imagine, practice, and become!


Be Anything! Career Day: October 1st at the Noble Center


Be Anything Online Auction: September 24th-October 1st



Explore different careers and learn more about what they do! Our various stations include careers such as ballet dancer, police officer, magazine editor, nurse, and conductor. All happening at the Bonnie Noble Center!


Expand your impact by donating to help a child become a creator and explorer of the world!


Experience first hand what the different careers have to offer. Bid in our Online Auction to gain first hand experience in the professions like a Sailor, a TV Announcer, a Baker, and more!

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum