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Virtual Career Days

Be Anything!/See It. Be It. Virtual Career Days

Be Anything! is an innovative program that propels "Take Your Child to Work Day" to a new level. Help a child in your life explore the careers that excite them through Be Anything! experiences, and now, Virtual Career Days!

All children can be anything; they need only the tools and opportunity to imagine, practice, and become! For more information about how to get involved with Be Anything! 2020, visit this page.

Peoria Public School's Foundation's See It. Be It. initiative brings professionals into K-5 PPS classrooms to introduce them to different careers possibilities. If they can see it, they can be it!

Videos & Related Activities

Be A Paramedic! with Michael Richardson and Thuy Vo, Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois - July 23, 2020

Learn what it like to be a Paramedic and EMT with Michael Richardson, EMT, and Thuy VO, Paramedic. Watch as they show us how they handle medical emergencies!  Being a paramedic takes listening to your patient and paying attention to the smallest of details.  Can you think of a time when you had to do this?

Be A zookeeper! with Elly Cowan, Peoria Zoo - July 16, 2020

Learn how to be a Zookeeper with Elly Cowan from Peoria Zoo. Like humans, animals need enrichment activities to help work their brain and natural instincts. What activities do you like engage in?

Be A MECHANIC! with Curt Baumgart, Bob Lindsay Honda - July 9, 2020

Learn how to be a Car Mechanic with Curt Baumgart the service manager at Bob Lindsay Honda! Being a mechanic takes lots of problem-solving skills, what are ways you practice problem-solving?

Be a Game Designer! with Ethan Ham, Bradley University Department of Interactive Media - July 2, 2020

Learn how to be a game designer with Ethan Ham from Bradley University's Department of Interactive Media! Game design is more than just creating the images in a video game, it's about creating the strategy for how the game is played.

Game designers have to learn how a game works and then they can make changes to make it different and more fun. What kinds of changes can you make to the games that you love to make it more exciting and fun?

Be a Botanist! with Dr. Az Klymiuk, Field Museum - June 18, 2020

Learn how to Be a Botanist with Dr. Az Klymiuk, a Collections Manager of Paleobotany at the Field Museum. Paleobotany is the study of fossilized plants, and botany is the study of plant life in a specific region.  What kinds of trees, plants, and fungi can you identify in your neighborhood?

Be a Doctor! with medical student Matthew - June 11, 2020

Learn how to be a Doctor with medical student Matthew! Doctors are very important to keep us healthy! Try these activities to learn more about what doctors do.

Be a Museum Curator! with Lottie Fiddes, Peoria Riverfront Museum - June 4, 2020

Museum curators are the "keepers of history!" They take care of artwork and historical artifacts, and create exhibitions with these objects and the stories that go along with them.

Create Your Own Exhibit!

What in your house can you create an exhibition with?

Share your exhibit with us by submitting to the PlayHouse Times!

Be a Counselor! with Derek Booth, Peoria Public Schools - May 28, 2020

Helping professions include doctors, teachers, counselors, and more! They use active listening to help others. How can you help the people in your life?

Practice Active Listening!

Ask your friends and family how they are doing, and listen to their answer. Really listen! Listening is the key to being a good helper.

Be a Graphic Designer! with Chelsie, Lettering Works - May 21, 2020

Much of what you see around you is a product of graphic design. Graphic Designers create advertisements, stickers, logos, and much more for many organizations!

Create Your Own Logo!

Hand draw a logo of your own name like Chelsie did in the video, or choose a logo of a place you like to go, like the PlayHouse, and put your own spin on it!

Can you find and draw Peoria PlayHouse’s logo? Or try combining collage and design!

Cut out a bunch of letters from the magazine and spell out words using the letters onto your piece of paper, or cut out pieces to put together a picture of the logo you design.

For more inspiration about how to be a graphic designer and a lettering artist visit this website or follow Chelsie Tamms on Instagram.

Be a News Reporter! with Shelbey Roberts, WMBD - May 14, 2020

News Reporters report what is happening around the world. They investigate and inform us about significant events!

Conduct Your Own Interview!

If you could interview anyone in the world who would you interview? What questions would you ask?

Share your interview with us by submitting to the PlayHouse Times!

Visit this website for inspiration on interviewing!

Be an Engineer! with Greg, Caterpillar, Inc. - May 7, 2020

Engineers are makers and innovators! They both design and create new and complex structures.

Make Your Own Ramp!

How would you solve the issues the engineer encounters in this video?

Share your solutions, creations, and failures with us on our Facebook page! Innovation is all about trial and error!

Try making something with our Summer Maker Program! Complete challenges to win prizes!

Does your child want to be an engineer? They're never too young to start! This kid engineer showed the PBS Kids Design Squad how he up-cycles old furniture into new inventions!

Be a Librarian! with Alissa, Morton Public Libraries - April 30, 2020

Librarians keep library collections in order and help you find library resources through finding aids. A finding aid helps you recall where you put things!

Make Your Own Finding Aid!

Organize your room and draw your room’s finding aid for your parents. Use the pictures of finding aids in the video as an example!

Organize your stuffed animals like Alissa and share a photo of your organizing skills with us on our Facebook page!

Be Anything! Take Your Child to Work Day Virtual Career Panel - April 24, 2020

This career panel featured 4 local professionals, and kicked off our series of Virtual Career Day Videos. Kids had the chance to ask questions and to learn about what it takes to be a professional in that field.

Great career videos from all over

Learn how to be a botanist with Dr. Az Klymiuk of the Field Museum in this video. What kinds of trees, plants, and fungi can you find in your neighborhood?

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