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Field Trips

Field trips to the PlayHouse provide hands-on STEAM educational experiences for students. Through innovative and fun workshops, teachers and schools can engage their students and broaden their perspectives.

How to Book a Field Trip

We look forward to seeing you and your students at the PlayHouse!

To learn more about current field trips, or to book a field trip, contact Ahliyah Culberson at aculberson@peoriaparks.org.


  • We require a field trip agreement form/request at least two weeks before your desired date. Your field trip may require extra staff or volunteer assistance, for the best experience.
  • An 8:1 student to adult ratio is required for all field trips. When possible, we ask that we have no more adults than children on field trips.
  • Memberships cannot be utilized on group/field trip pricing.
  • Field trips can begin as early as 9:15am on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If your group has 60 or more students, Monday is also an option. There are no field trips on Tuesdays.



playhouse adventure

2 hours; $3.50 per student or adult

This option includes a welcome by a staff member. Chaperones explore the three floors of PlayHouse exhibits with children at your own pace.





Up to 3 hours; $5.50 per student; free admission for 1 adult per 3 students (regular admission price applies after exceeding 1:3 ratio)

Enjoy play time with chaperones throughout the PlayHouse and one hour of structured class time with a staff member or volunteer who leads a story time and creative take home activity related to your chosen theme.

Choose one of these themes prior to the fieldtrip:

  • Spotlight: Construction - explore what construction workers and architects do
  • Spotlight: Down on the Farm - explore crops grow on farms and farm animals
  • Spotlight: Water - explore the water cycle and life on the river


Teacher building with child



electricity exploration

Up to 3 hours; $5.50 per student; free admission for 1 adult per 3 students (regular admission price applies after exceeding 1:3 ratio)

How does electricity work? Students will learn how through a guided team challenge to light up a mini-neighborhood. After this 45-60 minute workshop, children will have the opportunity to enjoy playtime in the museum with their chaperones.



Questions? Please email our Education Intern Ahliyah Culberson at aculberson@peoriaparks.org
and allow 1-2 days for a reply. Thank you!

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum

The Peoria PlayHouse Children's Museum